“Her characters were real, as I felt their pain and struggles, her worlds were very vivid and easy to imagine, and the story was fun to get lost in as the pages quickly flew past me as I devoured the story on the pages.” – Consuming Worlds

“Aberrant’s plot and Silver’s writing, along with the sensible main characters really had me greatly enjoying this book and it certainly ended far too soon for my liking. This is the first novel that I have read that I was surprised to have found myself in the last page and not even know it. It’s very action-packed and there was not a moment where readers heart will slow, as there was constant betrayals and new revelations at every corner.” – Paperback Princess

“As I was reading, I felt like I was there on this journey with Olivia and Joshua. I can feel their emotions for each other and the fear of what they are going through.” – As You Wish

“This book definitely holds your attention. Its got great mystery to it and some WTF moments for me because these people really have no freedom from their government and it just blows me away that Olivia is seen as someone who might be able to change it all.” –  Bawaka’s Book Fair

“There are not enough words for me to describe how much I loved this book. I fell into it immediately, loving Olivia from the very beginning…This book really drew me in and made me feel, a whole range of emotions. I often felt like I was in the middle of the story right along with Olivia and Joshua.” – The Caffeinated Diva, Kim

“I really, really loved this book! The pages are loaded with emotion from start to finish and the imagery and narrative are so strong that you can imagine yourself in every scenario.” –  Rebbie Reviews

“Even though with every relationship there are doubts and missteps, you feel like fidgeting as they dance around their relationship with all the new vulnerable and cautiously rendered feelings. It warrants memories of first loves, first kiss, first trials and first commitments that left you scared and feeling exposed and wonderful at the same time. With each breath and beat of their hearts you want them to prevail.” – The Wonder of Words, Colleen M. Bratley

“I will say that anyone who loved The Hunger Games will definitely love this book. They will sit and tensely wait for the next book in this series. After all, everything is not as it seems.” – The Musings of a Book Addict, Sandra.

It was heart wrenching and fast paced, well written and yet kept me wanting more.” – By the Bookful, Bethany

“It was a brilliant dystopian plot, full of turns that I wasn’t expecting. It reminded me a bit of The Hunger Games and Brave New World, in that the government was very much in control – so much so that it could control the most intimate of features in its inhabitants’ lives.” – A World of Words, Kayleigh

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side though and I was intrigued with all the twists and turns of this story. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I LOVE THAT!” – Romance Bookworm’s Reviews

“This book was fast-paced with action and adventure around EVERY corner! I loved Olivia and Joshua! I loved that they would do ANYTHING for each other and had an inseparable bond that NO ONE could break, even when others tried their hardest!” – Addicted Readers

“One of the first things I’d also have to say about Aberrant, is that I enjoyed Olivia and Josh’s relationship. There’s no instalove, or seedy out-of-nowhere love triangle that I find tiring in other dystopian novels. Their relationship has history, and I love how the author shows how they’ve grown to really love each other with their backgrounds.” – Novel Reveries

“The pacing and plot are phenomenal… at no point during this book did I feel like I could put it down. I read it in one sitting and am still crying for more! It’s incredibly fast paced, and that starts from the moment you open to the first page.” – Lose Time Reading

“If Anthem, “The Lottery,” The Hunger Gamesand Divergent had a child it would most definitely be Aberrant. Ruth Silver creates a world so shocking that the reader will not be able to put Aberrant down. The plot was exciting, fast paced, and full of new surprises.” –My Dear Bibliophage

“I also like the writing style of Silver. It’s not too much at once, and in a Dystopian book that is best.” – Book Nerd

“I now understand why it’s said to be like ‘Matched’ and ‘The Hunger Games’. I partly agree but also disagree as i enjoyed Aberrant more than either of the other two.” – Morphy’s Book Blog

“Think Armageddon meets forbidden love meets hunger games. It had non stop action and adventure, twist and turn on each page.” – Scandalous Book Blog

“The world building that Ruth has done is beautiful as well, I can totally picture myself there, seeing everything the way that Olivia does, it is so dark and dreary, I can’t imagine living there.” – Bookworm in Barrie

“I don’t think you need to be a big dystopian fan like me to love this book.” – Jeanz Book Read N Review

“I really do have to give Olivia props. If I’d gone through half the crap she seems to find herself in almost every chapter, I’m almost sure I’d have either lost my sanity or killed myself.. Or someone else.” – Cu’s Author Promos

“That is BRILLIANT. A girl who can stand on her own two feet and still love someone in a natural and not-immediate manner? WE NEED MORE OF THIS IN LITERATURE.” – Bookmarks, Spoilers, and Happily Ever After

“I was a little wary of this book, since it’s a dystopian. With the now waning dystopian craze, there have been a lot of books that became (really bad) formulaic dystopians. But,Aberrant didn’t fall into that. It was absolutely amazing! Sweet romance, betrayals, and never knowing who to trust. This book was just brilliant!” – Imagine a World

“What can I say about the Dystopian world Mrs. Silver created in the book? Um.. I like it. I like it A LOT…I feel so bad for the characters in this book… but I love their suffering and want to read more.” – Book Marks the Spot

“This book is great the story is well written without any loopholes, it’s fast paced and so easy to pick up that I felt like I was there myself being sucked into the story, not to mention the never ending surprises that Ruth cleverly placed throughout the book.” – Tangled Pages

“This is by far my favorite dystopian book of 2013, and Ruth Silver is one of my new favorite authors!! Pick this book up!!! I love love loved it!!” – Step Into Fiction

“You have the good guys and the bad ones but sometimes it is hard to tell who is good and  who is bad. They all do bad things  for what they consider to be for the better.” – Racing to Read

“Its entertaining world-building is reminiscent of the most tried and true troupes used in books such as Divergent or Hunger Games, but takes things in a different, original direction.” – The Readers Realm

“Ruth did an amazing job in portraying her characters and making the book enjoyable to read.  She made it so that I didn’t want to put the book down until I fell asleep…that doesn’t happen as often as it used to! …6 out of 5 stars” – Reading Bliss

“The characters are believable and immediately evoke empathy from the reader.” – Elizabeth Alsobrooks Author

“Ruth Silver managed to keep me on the edge of my seat while journeying alongside Olivia and Joshua, adding in twists and turns that I would have never expected.” – Once Upon a Book

“Aberrant kept me on my toes with every twist and turn.” – Gliding Eyes

“The plot hooked me and I could not wait to keep reading to see what would happen next.” – Pretty in Pink

“The concept — the idea Ruth Silver builds her dystopian world around, is so … different. I have never read a book revolving such ideals. It was refreshing and a breather in the dystopia world.” – Starry-eyed Heart Book Blog

“Joshua is really cute, but since most of the time he and Olivia is on the run, there’s not that much lovey-dovey time (Oh there’s plenty) and it’s a plus point! the romance was in the right portion. Thank God there’s no heartbreak or triangle love, I’m not really into romance-involving-conflicts right now.” – The Four Eyed Cat Reviews

“I enjoy Ruth’s writing style and I am excited to read the next part of the Aberrant trilogy.” – The Ramblings of a Graduate

“This book is a must read! I finished it in two days! I connected with Olive right away and felt for her while she learns how to be an adult through truths about the world and her existence in it.” – Country Book Bumpkin

“I’ve read a lot of dystopian novels lately, and Aberrant stands out from the others for its originality.” – L.M. Justus Author Page

“Joshua is a new book boyfriend. He immediately gained that status the moment Ruth introduced him.” – Books for a Delicate Eternity

“Now, there is something I’ve got to applaud Ruth Silver for: her twists and turns in the book. I was not expecting half of the things that happened and half of the revelations.” – A Cup of Coffee and a Book

“I really loved this book!! It was a quick read, but it had such great plot development that I couldnt put the book down.” – There’s Beauty in the Breakdown

“Dystopian’s are so popular now, that they have become a dime a dozen. In a overflowing market, you really have to write something special to make a book stand out from the crowd, and Silver has done just that!” – Shadow Kisses Book Reviews

“Told in chillingly realistic detail, this is Children of Men for the YA set.” – Turn the Page

“I really enjoyed the individualism of Olivia in the book because she really showed that she is no girl to mess with and she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.” – Literary Lemonade (Mild Spoilers)

“Overall, this book is very underrated. Fans of dystopian books MUST check this one out.” – Lost in Ever After

“Aberrant takes the two main characters Olivia and Joshua’s and turns their entire world and existence and turns it upside down.” – Tammy’s Tea Time

“I can’t imagine living in a world where everything is selected for me; like absolutely everything–things that make us individuals. It was believable and unpredictable, fast-paced and enthralling in addition.” – Pretty Little Memoirs

“This is a novel that shows you can over come almost anything and when in a tough place you will do what ever it takes to protect the person or people you love. I loved every moment reading this book.” – Fiddle Fadle

“I for one was happy the action came quick in “Aberrant”. I wasn’t given a chance to get bored, or overwhelmed by the same old-same old Dystopian society.” – Bella’s Shelf

“One of the first things I noticed about this novel is the vivid descriptions that the author uses. Silver has the impressive ability to accurately convey a young person’s emotions, particularly in the early scenes after Olivia’s father dies.” – Dystopia Capitol

“The society and world around them comes to life in great detail to give you the feeling that you are experiencing it right next to all of them and for me that is the best way to feel about a book’s setting. The author did an amazing job and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next in this series.” – Once Upon a Book

“This book is action packed with twist, turns and truths unveiling at every corner.” – Scandalous Book Blog

“It is a shocking ending that will have you begging for Book #3″ – Just Me, Myself, and I

“I was totally blown away by this the second book in the Aberrant series and am so looking forward to the third in hopes to find how it all comes out in the end.” – Tammy’s Tea Time

“I  liked Moirai better than the previous book. It seemed to me that Aberrant was more focused on the world building, while Moirai has more substance, more action.” – Out of the Blue

“I really enjoyed the book Moirai, which is the sequal to Aberrant.  It’s got a fair amount of everything a good book needs … suspense, humor and a down-to-Earth attitude.” – Literary Lemonade

“This is unlike any Dystopian book series I have ever read.” – Reading Bliss

“Olivia seems more mature in this book, a development I really enjoyed seeing.” – Bookworm for Kids

“If you like to read dystopian books then the Aberrant series is one set of books you don’t want to pass up.” – The Avid Reader

“Moirai is action packed from the first page to the last, ending with a very emotional and upsetting cliffhanger.” – The Passionate Bookworm

“A brilliant read – if you loved Aberrant, you’ll like this!” – A World of Words

“The novel is packed full of surprises that cannot be predicted, secrets are revealed, lies are told.” – The Ramblings of a Graduate

“I liked the quiet moments that Joshua and Olivia shared, the emotions and conversation conveyed was tender, sincere, and believable.” – Rochelle Barlow

“The world building is once again awesome.” – The Musings of a Book Addict

“Silver is able to create a magical and unique dystopian world, rich believable characters with deepness that makes you really care about them and want for them to succeed in their mission.” – Lisa Writes

“Ruth has a great writing style, it felt like it took me no time at all to read both Aberrant and Moirai (both in one day) as the words are smooth and flow together nicely.” – Morphy’s Book Blog

“ I really felt for the main characters, Olivia & Joshua, through the ups and downs of their journey (inwardly and outwardly).” – Book Crushin

“Olivia and Joshua’s relationship in this book was again one of my favourite aspects.” – Books for a Delicate Eternity

“Ruth is masterful at creating characters, and equally masterful at creating suspense that grabs the reader by the throat and holds them hostage!” – The Caffeinated Diva Reads

“The Aberrant series has just the right amount of action, romance, danger, and comic relief to keep any reader happy.” – Shadow Kisses Book Reviews

“This is well-written, and a fast-read dystopian novel.” – The Literary Panda

Moirai will keep the readers at the edge of their seats as new dark secrets are uncovered.” – My Dear Bibliophage

“Moirai just threw one hell of a grenade into this series for me in the most amazing ways.” – Bookmarks, Spoilers, and Happily Ever After

“Not only was the main characters well developed, but the side characters had their own way to express themselves.” – Addicted Readers

“This sequel is just as amazing as the first novel.” – Country Book Bumpkin

“If you are a fan of The Hunger Games and Divergent, then you will truly enjoy this series.” – Turning Pages

“I loved all the action in this book, it started off right at the beginning, and carried on through the whole thing.” – Book Worms

“The writing, for me, was hands down beautiful.” – The Four Eyed Cat Review

“I think this story was watching Olivia transform into a different person. She is stronger, fierce even. She is up for a fight and not afraid to back down. She is empowered.” – Bawaka’s Book Fair

“What Olivia does with her “special” new powers is just awesome!” – Step Into Fiction

“I haven’t read a small published book in a while that took  me so far. Ruth Silver is a really great author. One who can craft a dystopian story and keep you interested until the very end.” – The Book Butterfly


“It is brilliant, emotional, breathtaking, and contains everything I wanted from the final book.” – The Passionate Bookworms


“The fast paced and energetic book is my favorite of the three.” – Reading Bliss

“I loved how much Olivia has grown into a kiss-ass heroine.” – Just Me, Myself, and I

“I have to applaud the author because the story never got redundant or boring, she kept it fresh and introduced new and invaluable characters to the series at exactly the right times, at places that the main characters either needed them or need them to exist to defeat.” – Bookmarks, Spoilers & Happily Ever After

“The author is terrific at building a world that, even though it may geographically be ours, is almost unrecognizable in its dystopian changes.” – The Caffeinated Diva

“At times you think you have everything all figured out and then bam the author throws another twist in your face and you are like whoa wait a minute I sure didn’t see that one coming.” – The Avid Reader

“The scenes between Isaura and Olivia are the best, and what she does to Olivia really scares me, but what happens in the end is just truly amazing and I just loved this whole series!!!” – Step into Fiction

“There is lots of tragedy in this book as well as hope.” – Racing to Read

AberrantMoirai, and Isaura make up one of my favorite dystopian trilogies and one I am sure to reread down the road.” – Turning Pages

“The setting of the story itself wasn’t exactly heaven, considering its Dystopian nature and constant state of war, so I really appreciate how the romance parts blends without seeming awkwardly out of place.” – Books and their Worldly Realm

“Isaura is the perfect way to end a trilogy.” – The Four Eyed Cat Reviews