Olivia ParkerOlivia Parker – Eighteen years old is filled with apprehension.  She’s an explorer and always curious.  She’s snuck into the cellar to read forbidden novels on several occasions.  She’s learned about sex in a civilization built on IVF, that doesn’t require it or speak of it, ever.  She dreads the marriage ceremony and what it means for her future, unable to choose her life.  Thrown in jail for being born naturally, she’s tough but plays by the rules since she can’t escape on her own.  She recognizes her options are few and flees home.  She’s smart and it’s that brightness that the Governor wants to squash.  She faces the rebel alliance with tenacity.  She abides by their rules wanting to fit into society.  She struggles with her new life.  She’s a fighter but she’s not aggressive.  She’s tough and it’s her mounting heroism which drives the strength inside of her.  She’s born different, Aberrant.  The only woman capable of conceiving through natural methods.

Joshua Warren


Joshua Warren – Eighteen years old, Joshua attended school with Olivia, but they met long before their studies. Childhood best friends, his feelings for Olivia are more than they should be considering the government chooses their marriage partner. Deep down, he fears he’ll never see her again, and lose her friendship once they accept their responsibilities as adults. He’s brave, but not fearless. He runs away with Olivia to the rebel alliance, knowing he is a fugitive, but he doesn’t care. His choice for leaving: Olivia. Joshua is smart and thinks ahead. He’s incredibly charming and always an optimist. He loves practical jokes, and doesn’t always play by the rules, stealing a secret map in Haven. He’s willing to sacrifice himself for those he loves.



Handsome elderly man with beard isolated over white background


Governor Craynor – He is the head leader of Genesis, and one of many governors with ruling power over the country of Cabal. As acting governor, Craynor is responsible for performing the marriage ceremony and making sure the laws are followed. He enjoys power and is rash in his decisions, often leading to impulsive mistakes. He will do anything to protect his position as governor, including silencing a young teenage girl.



Rebecca Warren


Rebecca Warren – Joshua and Jacqueline’s mother. Rebecca risks her life to help Olivia escape prison in Genesis after her arrest. She sends Olivia and Joshua away to the rebel alliance in Haven. Rebecca is good at keeping secrets, especially from her family. With her own agenda, she offers Joshua and Olivia a new life in Haven. She’s cunning and manipulative, planning everything three steps ahead. She’s not nearly as selfless as Joshua believes her to be.



Chancellor Collins


Chancellor Collins – In charge of the rebel city, Shadow. A leader among his people, he seems heartless to Olivia when they first meet. Although one may butt heads with him, Collins recognizes the greater good, and follows a democratic system whether he agrees with a decision or not. He’s powerful and astute, noticing when something is amiss. Collins is not rash or impulsive, but he’s harsh. Protective, especially of his town, Collins considers the people of Shadow family and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.





Jacqueline – Born in Genesis, the daughter of Rebecca Warren and second child. As a newborn she was whisked away and given to a family in Livery. At the young age of three, Jacqueline witnessed the first of many uprisings and was rescued from the government run town. Reunited in Haven with her mother, Rebecca, she is bright and often has a sunny disposition. A lover of the written word, Jacqueline spends much of her time in the library. She has a special fondness in her heart for the local museum, especially the old pictures and antique cameras.